Spacious, well ventilated and state of art class rooms are hallmark of our institute. The ambience of class room infuses sense of creativity and belongingness in our students.


Laboratories are places that provide platform to experiment learning and research. Well designed fully equipped labs of SRI inspire any one to participate in practical learning and transform theory in to practical.


Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with the process of turning a new chemical entity (NCE) or old drugs into a medication to be used safely and effectively by patients. It is also called the science of dosage form design. The Pharmaceutics lab is well equipped with sophisticated instruments to provide quality education to students.


Pharmacology is the study of drugs. It involves examining the interactions of chemical substances with living systems, with a view to understanding the properties of drugs and their actions, including the interactions between drug molecules and drug receptors and how these interactions elicit an effect. The Pharmacology lab is well equipped with sophisticated instruments to provide quality instruments and facilities to conduct research.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance (PAQA) is a broad subject area that includes qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs, impurities etc to meet the regulatory requirements. PAQA lab is well equipped with sophisticated instruments to provide quality instruments and facilities to conduct research.


Pharmacognosy is the study of drugs of natural origin. Plant preparations are said to be medicinal or herbal when they are used to promote health beyond basic nutrition. Chemical characterization includes the isolation, identification and quantification of constituents in plant materials. The renaissance of herbal medicine in this country creates a demand for studies in the field of Pharmacognosy.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The subject of Pharmaceutical Chemistry plays a major role in shaping a student into a true pharmacy professional. Though the profession has undergone tremendous changes and has registered great advancements in various branches of it, the importance of pharmaceutical chemistry in the curriculum of a pharmacy programme cannot be overemphasized. Every branch becomes invigorated when a new bioactive molecule is discovered. The diversity offered by the subject is amazing. Pharmaceutical chemistry is discipline which is at the intersection of chemistry, especially synthetic organic chemistry, and pharmacology and various other biological specialties, where they are involved with design, chemical synthesis and development for market of pharmaceutical agents, or bio-active molecules (drugs).

Machine Room

The college machine room has various machines used in the pharmaceutical industries at different stages of production, quality control and packing. Few of them are.

Central Instrument Room

The Central Instrument Room is a state of art laboratory boasting the level of research with its highly sophisticated instruments. Few of the Instruments present in Central Instrumentation Room are.


To add a library to a house is to give that house a soul. – Cicero

Library services at SRI are provided to the students staff and faculty members for updating their knowledge and supporting research and teaching learning activities. Library is computerized automated with software. Keeping in view the fast changes in technology the knowledge base of library is updated regularly by way of adding new literature in the form of text books, reference books reports encyclopedias data books. Library subscribes National & international Journals.

The DELNET facility is being taken that will enable the Institute to access about 1000 National & international libraries and offer more than laces of books videos CD ROMs journals etc.

• Well furnished Library section.
• Audio-visual room.
• Reference and reading sections are separate.
• Multimedia Library.

Computer Lab:

Students of the respective programs are required to have the proficiency in day to day office applications on computers, especially as this world can be said as the world of information technology. Keeping in view, we have a state of Art Computer Lab. There are separate cabins for students The Software information data mechanization in the centre also helps a lot for students to realize their potential future towards better studies and future growth.


The Institute has broadband internet connectivity.


Effective communication skills are essential in the engineering field.

Professionals are required to communicate effectively, not only within their Profession but also with the community at large. They are required to communicate effectively and efficiently with clients, users and peers both verbally and in writing using appropriate technology.

Language Lab is incorporated in computer Lab of SRIP. It aims to :

 understand English speakers
 write academic English
 speak clearly and confidently


Our institute is having spacious seminar hall to organize seminars, conferences & meetings which has all the accessories required to conduct various programmes.


The academic life of SRIP Pharmacy goes beyond the curriculum. Cafeteria with ample sitting capacity provide an ideal platform to students to express themselves


A. Mission

To interface with the outside world and create the maximum recognition of the College B. Objectives of Training & Placement Cell

• To provide industrial training [6 weeks] to diploma students,
• Facilitate a process of inviting organizations to the campus selection.

C. Activities currently undertaken by the Cell

• Continuously increase the contact base for both training and placement activities
• Increase exposure of college by way of inviting eminent industry personnel.
• Remain as an Industry/college interface with the outside world
• Continuous interaction with the industry to increase the presence of the college
• Mobilize internal faculty resource for prepare students for final placement process
• Organize workshop/practice sessions through visiting faculty of national repute.
• Organize Guest lectures.
• Anti-Ragging Committee